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Monday, August 17, 2009

Morpheuss! :-(

OMG It's been ages since I last updated my darlin blog,Well My Isabella's been extremely moody recently,I had to go about a month without internet.Believe me,ITWASTOUGH!

I had to resort to visiting Internet Cafes to actually get some internet time,and I had a tough time dealing with people lookin over my shoulders,I had to give them the 'GAY' stare.LOL..I'm not gonna dwell on the word and act out how it exactly works,*LETS YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD* hahaha...Women are usually less I didn't come with a specific way to deal with them.. :-p

Well in that one month,nothin much's been happenin although the DATE's gettin closer and closer..Still havin this odd-tingly feelin in me which doesn't seem to have a specific reaction,its more like a general feelin which comes and goes like the tides on the Port Dickson beaches.

I've been working overtime with Selena recently,she's gettin worked up a little too much,I feel that i've gotta slow down or she might just get all tired and sore.:p

A couple of shots that I recently toook, :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PD outingg!

Argh,again I've been ignoring the darling! :-(

Anyways quick life update!

Dad just got this awesome-ly cute darling dog! Well he's a German Shephered,and he so absolutely cute.Dad didn't tell us about it,he just went and got it.The moment i saw the dude jumpin off the car,i was like what the hell is that?? it seriously looked like this small bear! And he was so adorablee.He tails you everywhere,and sometimes you have to pat him to sleep or he'll cause a ruckus.

Certificate Name:Cheroos Brute
Family Name:Bheema
He's not the only dog we have,we have another one but he's been with us for a year.And man,damn he's grown! This other guy's a German Shephered too but he's like a big bone breed so when he stands on two legs he's approximately 5 ft 4 inches.Amazingly strong (he can't take down my brother by just jumping on him),amazingly smart and analytical.He observes my brother opening his cage a couple of times.Then after that he can open his own cage.Even the latch on the house gate.This guy's a little more serious but he totally loves the little fellow.Every time we release him from his cage,the first thing he does is go to Bheema's play pen and make sure he's fine.Then at nights whenever Bheema's barks,he's the first one to run to the pen and makes sure Bheema's fine.

Certificate Name:Cheroos Yascow
Family name:Veeran

MJ died :-(
but anways yea glad he's dead.Freed of his damn suffering in the world!
Believe me or not,I'm one of his biggest fans,introduced to his works when i was 4 years old by my dad (earliest my childhood memories that are available :p)

I have this PD trip where my friends came down,i have to write about.I'll update soon again now that i'm not caught up again :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Man the busy-ness has taken such a toll.I’ve been spending wayy yy to much time with Selena that I’ve started to ignore morpheus!

Alvinraj is backk! For like 3 months which equals to awesome-ness! So yea at least there’s someone who is gonna be here for me to lepak with.Pretty much the whole gang is around so more lepak-ing ahead I guess! :p

Well as I’ve said earlier relatives have been down this one week,so yea been really caught up with them and all.Furthermore it would be rude for me to be sittin in front of the computer while they’re around.So yea i had no choice but to stay away from the computer and spend some time with them instead.Although i must say I definitely had a great time with them,got to know a couple of new guys too.SO yea overall its not a wasted weekend!

Tuesday,went out with Praba and Alvinraj.Well knowing that our timings would always go wrong.So i was supposed to pick Praba out,so I told him I would pick him up at 7.00 p.m and i told Alvin that we would meet him at 7.30 p.m at PD Eating Point.After leavin my brother at his tuition center Ieft for Praba's place.Reached there exactly at 7.00 p.m.As usual,Malaysian timing :P He only came at 7.30.So then after that bla,bla bla...Not gonna get into the details :p We spoke on some really private topics .

Anyways gonna have a lot more outings now that everyone is down,Just not sure where and when..

I've decided to include my own picture these days..haha

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hema's Back!

Finally! Hema's back from dead :p
Selena's been keeping me busy this couple of days and i needed time to actually sort out my travel photographs since i was away for close to 5 days.Then the day after the day i got back my relatives came down so i didn't have much time to blog.They left on Saturday.On Sunday I went for Taekwondo training after somethin which seemed like eternity.

Most of my schoolmates should know that Hema was a Taekwondo freak at large periods of his teen life.Somethin like from 1999 till 2009 :P Celebrating a decade in the sport this year,gonna celebrate it by takin part in the Selangor Open and MAYBE they ICTO(International Clubs Taekwondo Organization) tournament.I was the gold medallist 2 years ago in the junior category.This time I'm gonna be fighting in the senior category and i guess the competition would be tough.Whatever it is,I might not be gettin the opportunity to compete in any of the competitions once i get to India,since i heard the sport is not that popular in India.

Langkawi was awesome,Had a good time lepak-ing here and there and obviously making my Selena feel important was part of the trip :p

I uploaded some of the pictures I like on facebook,I have a lot more on the computer and wil upload it when i have some time.The shots are that great,after lookin at all those pro shots mine seems to b average,anyways I am reading more and more about it and i hope that i would be producing some good shots in the future! :-)
*Notice that I've uploaded some of my shots just for viewing enjoy! :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Away on holiday :-)

I'm sorry guys! I'm away for a couple of days,I wouldn be around from the 8th of June to the 12th of June.

Away on a small trip,so yea i'd be all busy :-(

I'd be back to bloggin soon..So yea keep on waiting,I'd be up with an awesome post or somethin soon! :-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Selena Raj!

Finally! :-)

Those on facebook must have sensed that the baby got his toy :p Well anyways,introducing my new darlin Selena Raj!


Sorry Selena's rather shy so she's not willin to be photographed just yet. LOL
Anyways Selena's second name would be Nikon D90.Got her in Lowyat earlier this morning.I ain't gonna reveal prices as if someone here comes and tells me that they got it at a cheaper price i might cry :p But yea generally you can always go google her up and check her price up on Nikon Official Website

Btw this are some of the pictures i took.All of them are in manual mode,cos ain't that why we use DSLR's? haha

The Road not taken

I name this the Road Not Taken :p

Model_1The Beautiful Indian Woman


The Living Room

The Foyer

Well anyways,this are about the most i can upload just to contain my excitement for a few hours before i go all crazy tomorrow again..haha..So yea see ya guys!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time Flies

Man,time flies! It feels like the year just started and guess what! It's gonna be the 1st of June.All of a sudden the elusive September,is approaching ever so quickly.Well anyways,nothin much I can do about it.I guess all I can do is sit back and just hope for the best.

Well obviously I was all excited about leaving,but now after close to 6 months of doing close to nothin,I'm rather conditioned to doing nothin :p I'm gonna have a tough time trying to get back into study mood and all but we'll leave that when the date gets nearer.haha.I'd rather just go with the flow.It's saves me a lot of useless brooding.

The weekend was pretty average,although i did go out with two of my former schoolmates on Friday.We left at about 8 at night.Crashed at the local town temple,prayed and at the same time checked out the women :p ( god,forgive me for admiring your creations ) hahaha.Sad to say that the women who come to the temple are increasing in age lol.In other words,OLDDD women come in flockss but the young ones are no where to be seen haha.I guess the indian parents are starting to hide their young girls at home,worried that predators a.k.a Not Hemaraj lol might just capture their hearts.

Anyways after the temple,next stop was Caryn's place.Picked her up,she had cravings for burgers all of a sudden,no idea why (she can get pretty random at times lol) So yea me and Praba weren't in the mood to eat so we decided to get a drink then go lepak by the beach.

Living by the beach is indeed an advantage,it's like the best place to just sit and chill.More importantly,ITS FREE :p So yea we spent sometime chatting and catching up with each other.Then at like 12 midnight we decided to leave for home as it was getting rather late.

Then for the whole weekend i was set back to driving my brother around for all his 'activities'.haha..For all the help I've did for him he's rather ungrateful.Well there's this small help I required him to do but sadly he's so reluctant to help me.He never introduces girls to meee! haha..Even he may have amazingly hot

Well next weekend is going to be all awesome! I would be travellin around,I'd be goin

PD-->Senawang-->Kuala Lumpur-->Penang-->Langkawi-->PD

It starts on the 6th if June and I'd be back in PD on the 10th.
11th to 13th June having my relatives down in PD.So yea havin a bbq party and so on.
Relatives only :p

Thats about it,well Hemaraj would definitely be updating on the trip because he would be accompanied by Janaki Raj (My darling Vaio) and Isabella Raj (My darling broadband modem).We'll see on whether Selena makes it for the trip!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Jambu Fruit Dove

You know what! I really think I might go to heaven after all!

Well you know why,I'll explain it step by step.First step,mum was sweeping the floor then as she was sweeping the first hall,she opened the door to see the patio.

She saw somethin moving around there,and since she's always had a phobia for living things other than humans :p she jumped and ran towards the sofa.I was at the common table,and I literally fell down from my chair.I was so lost for words,i thought the sky was fallin down or somethin!

Then i quickly got up and rushed to her (being the goody son I am :p)I was like,"Amma,Amma,What happened?" And you know what she said? She said,"I don't know" I went blank for a couple of minutes,trying to digest what she exactly means,I mean bloody hell,i fell from the chair :p hahaha..

Then she started pointing towards the patio,I curiously put my head around the door,and I saw this bird which was sooo superrr cuteeee.....And pooor fellow,he couldn fly because he was injured..It was so sad to look at him,so we decided to take him into the house because he might get eaten by a cat or somethin by night fall.So yea we kinda coaxed him into a shoe box,temporarily so that it would be easier to take him to the vet.

Finally dad got back,examined him and decided to take him to the vet.The vet saw him and said that he din break his leg or wing or anythin.He just has a sprained leg.So its best we keep him for like a few days so that his leg would get better.Paid 15 bucks for some muscle relaxants and all.Then went hunting for a cage,Cos he was pretty scared and we're worried he might try to crawl off somewhere.since he can't fly.Cage came to another 18 bucks,

We were told that the bird is some protected species,I'll put a picture soon.o took him back and left him there la.He was all so scared,he didn't eat the first day i think,but he started eatin the followin day.He seems more confident now tho,jumpin around in the cage and all,but he still drags his feet here and there.I decided to name him,"bird" hahaha..practical ehh..

Well i'll be uploading a picture soon,my flickr's givin problem and it gets sooo annoying arghhh! But lets see whether i can put up some description regarding it,well it has dark green feathers,an orange beak,purple head,white chested with purple at the middle of the white chest.and its small! So cutee..:-)

BTW its a Jambu Fruit Dove,thats its name i think.haha..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My rainbow

gahh! I've spent the last two days I've spent so much time with the toys that I've neglected my darling,The Rainbow.All of a sudden,i've The Rainbow just doesn't seem herself theses past few days.Blame it on the damn writer,He's been too caught up with his life so much so he's ignored her.Well anyways he's back and he's all pumped up too.Although i must say the author is gonna try to cut down on the words.He's been receiving some feedback regarding his posts.It seems that they're too long and that people are lookin for shorter ones.

Well they do have a point,not many people have the time to actually go through the whole post.They have better things to do then to read long posts..But when i start writing i have problem stoppin,It's like i can go on and on..It just comes as I write.

Well anyways,yea Manchester fans go out there and celebrate.I'm not gonna be all lame and tell you that next season is gonna be different and what not.It's gonna be exactly the same.Although I would love to see Liverpool winning the English Premier League,but logically still very far.Not in reach.

The politics has been hot once more,PPP a disgrace,Penanti election with two independent candidates and no BN candidate?? Very interesting,yet questionable.Everyone in the country knows that they're BN candidates.haha..Well suit themselves.

Dad bought this music CD of Roger Whittaker,i find him to be awesome.Try googling him up.I'm not sure whether you can download his songs from those peer to peer,but no harm done trying la..

I might be leaving for a holiday,most probably during the second week of June.It's rather too early to decide on where we would be going,but I guess we would be stopping by in Penang anyways.

I love my life! :-)

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Vaio and Ipod!

I decided that i've been writing too much and I rarely have pictures on my blog.So i decided for once,i shall have more pictures and less writing :p you knoww,like those books the little children have,with millions of pictures hahaha...Alright alright,I'm not insulting you guys or anythin..(even if i'm trying to lol)

Well presenting the New Vaio who has yet to be named


Keyboard of the yet to be named Vaio,

The Vaio 'On' Button

The old Vaio i used to use compared to the new one


The new Ipod :-)

Well thats about it,I wanted to write on the specs and all,but malas laa..
Well yea generally,I've been in love with Sony computers for a really long time.I know many people would choose to say that we're pay for the brand and what not.I choose to disagree,even it may be true that Sony computers are a lil pricey compared to their other counterparts,but it would be unfair to accuse them of producing lousy computers.I personally find Sony laptops to be awesome companions.They never fail me.But then again,I may be biased when passing my opinion regarding it.Whatever it is,I love my Vaio..haha..I hope it lasts the distance. ;-)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip to pick dad up!

Dad will be back soon! :-)
Flight Schedule: Bangalore--->Chennai--->Malaysia
Date:24th May evening to 25th May morning

Well I have to go pick him up since mum has her classes monday morning :-)
So i get to drive all alone,enjoying the morning breeze of the Tanah Merah Plantations to KLIA.

Why the plantations you ask? Well you see KLIA is pretty near to Port Dickson if we take this internal road which goes through two plantations and a few Kampungs.It's about 30 minutes from Port Dickson.Seriously,it's all greenery all the way.Very beautiful,and at the same time dangerous too.

The road gets really windy,and I personally have seen tonnes of cars in the deep ravines.Mostly those young punks who think they can drive and knock themselves out at neck breaking speeds.One wrong judgement at a corner and there you go,you car skids of the road and you lose control of it.

I would dare say that the road is our so call,'family' road.We've been frequent users of the road since 1998.Approximately 11 years since,we're still afraid of the road.

There's this very interesting 'larangan' which all frequent users know of.There's this indian temple along the road and opposite the indian temple there's a cemetry.Well its more of a Malaysian cemetry in the sense that there's and Indian cemetry,a Christian cemetry,a Islam cemetry and a Chinese cemetry.It stretches for about a few hundred metres along the road.The 'larangan' is that we're not allowed to overtake along the temple,because it would mean that we're disrespectful to the whateveristhere and we're vulnerable to freak attacks.

Believe me or not,but there's been a couple of freak accidents along that stretch and almost all of them are fatal.So we'd rather just abide by the 'larangan' instead of experimenting and killing ourselves in the process.I know call me old fashion and whatever you want to,but if my dad (most sensible man award by Hemaraj) follows by it,then i'd better follow it.

I guess finally i get to go to KL everyday like I usually do with him starting from next week i guess.hahaha

Hum hai rahi pyaar ke

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Endings :-)

Don't you guys just love happy endings?? No matter where you see it,in the movies,in a wedding it just makes you go 'awww' doesn't it? Haih,I'm a big fan of happy endings,insult me for living in the movies but yea I loveeee happy endings.I dream of it practically everyday.I know dreaming won't take me far but sometimes don't you feel like you want one? But it's always so impossible to reach.Even if it may be within reaching distance,but you just can't seem to get hold of it.

It is true that the ending is the start of a new beginning.And in our lifes,it's always a cycle.Chapters end and begin.I've NEVER seen a happy ending in my books(my life),but it doesn't stop me from dreaming and craving for a happy ending.I've noticed the depression which takes place in so many people and it worries me.Will this some day happen to me?

Well anyways,begin the day with a smile and hope for the best everyday.Ain't that the purpose of living eh? haha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Isabelle I love youuu!

Oooooh...I looveeeee my interrreneeetttt! :-)

I mean I haven't been downloading much this month,didn't really have the mood to.Then Jeffrey started to ask me on whether I've downloaded some tamil songs and I realised that I am pretty much living in the ancient age.So motivated by the fact that I want to be the guy with the latest songs in his computer,I started a downloading spree.I downloaded,songs from 3 tamil movies
  1. Modhi Vilayadu (Colonial Cousins);Hariharan & Leslie Lewis
  2. Kandasamy (Devi Sri Prasad)
  3. Muthirai (Yuvan Shankar Raja)
and have I ever told you guys how big a fan am I of the Colonial Cousins??!! They are the first Indians to perform on MTV Unplugged!! How cool are they? haha Well I have all their albums on my hard disk and their songs are always a refreshing mix of western and indian music.Hariharan definitely doesn't have to be introduced to the singing scene,with close to 500 tamil songs only to his name,the great vocalist has carved his name to being one of the best singers in India.

And as I was saying how much I loved my internet,proof! here!

Haha..I know awesome righttt? lol...My Isabelle never fails me :P As I've said,although we've had our ups and downs,you'll always be there for me.hahaha..mushy mushy eh..